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Bulk Purchases:

Q: Does Trionic Corp offer wholesale or dealer pricing?

A: Yes, we offer volume discounts to our commercial customers and can also arrange dealer pricing for customers who are reselling our products to their customers. Contact us to discuss your specific situation.


Q: Why can’t I get a shipping quote on the website?

A: Because many of the products Trionic Corp sells are large and heavy, they can not be shipped via UPS. As a result, we must calculate a freight quote with a shipping company to accurately provide you with your total shipping charge prior to you placing an order. Freight prices are also impacted by whether you have a forklift available to unload pallets when receiving the shipment, and whether the shipping destination is a commercial or residential area.

Q: How can I minimize freight costs?

A: It is beneficial to order in quantities that completely fill a pallet to keep the cost per unit shipped down. When ordering dock boxes, they come nested to maximize the number that can fit on a pallet and minimize the cost associated with transport. Bulk orders of dock boxes do require that the lids be assembled to the boxes during installation. This process is fairly quick and any incremental labor is cost justified by the saving in freight costs.


Q: How do I return a product?

A: Call 262-268-9240 to get a Return Material Authorization. If you are returning a product that is unused, it must be received by Trionic within 30 days of order date. If you have a warranty issue, we will explore options to best resolve the issue to your satisfaction. We are unable to accept returns of products that have been used and are not in their original packaging unless there is a warranty issue. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges related to returns.

Tank Installation:

Q: When installing fittings, how close to the bottom of the tank can they be located?

A: For a ½” fitting, drill no closer than ¾” from the bottom of the tank.

For a 1 ½” fitting, drill no closer than 1 1/8” from the bottom of the tank.

Remember that Trionic Corp tanks are 3/8” thick so you need to leave at least 1/2” clearance on the sides and top as well.

Q: Do I use sealant or Teflon tape for my tank hose adapters?

A: The answer is dependent upon what type of fitting you will be using. For the straight fittings, 3M 4200 or 5200 is most recommended to be used on the threads. For the 90-degree fittings, Teflon tape is most recommended as the tape will help orient the fitting in the direction required.

For all fittings, hand tighten first and then use a wrench. You need to be careful not to overtighten to avoid stripping the threads.

Q: My vacuum relief valve is stuck open - now what?

A: Unscrew the cap and check the rubber disc. Put some Vaseline under the rubber flapper where it sits up against the white plastic.

Dock Products:

Q: How much weight do your dock steps hold?

A: Maximum weight on the steps is recommended 300 LBS.

Q: Can I order a replacement lid for my dock box?

A: No. The dock boxes and lids are molded at the same time, so we have a new box manufactured each time a lid is make.

Q: Can I order hardware for my dock box?

A: Yes, you can purchase a Hinge Replacement Kit or a Cable Replacement Kit in the Dock Box Accessories section of our website.

Q: What are your dock boxes made of?

A: Roto-molded Linear Low-density Polyethylene

Q: How are dock boxes attached to the dock?

A: Typically screws or bolts with washers are placed through the inner floor of the dock box to attach it to the dock. Holes can be drilled anywhere in the floor of the dock box to allow optimal placement of hardware to secure the dock box.

Q: Do dock boxes have to be secured to the dock?

A: Customers are strongly encouraged to use hardware to attach the dock box to the dock or deck. Wind, waves, and tides can easily sweep away a dock box that is not secured to the dock.

Q: Are gas shock or cylinders available for the lids of dock boxes?

A: Yes, Trionic Corp offers gas shocks that control the opening and closing of the lids of dock boxes. In salt environments, we recommend the use of retention cables for longer life of the products.

Q: Can we sit on our Trionic dock box?

A: Yes, the lids are designed to support someone sitting on the box. The lid will flex but will not sustain damage of loads up to 300 pounds.

Q: What should we use to clean our dock box?

A: Because dock boxes are typically used around water, we recommend using an environmentally friendly cleaner like Simply Green Marine All Purpose Boat Cleaner or other mild boat cleaners.

Tank Products:

Q: Can Trionic Corp customize the locations and/or fittings on a tank?

A: Custom fitting locations are available for orders of five (5) or more of the same tank. You will incur an incremental charge for this customization work. We do sell blank tanks that have no predrilled holes and fitting kits that will allow you to locate the fittings in any location you may require

The process to install the fittings is simple and you can find a video demonstration conveniently located on the site on the relocation kit page.

Q: What are your water/holding tanks made of?

A: Roto-molded Linear Low-density Polyethylene

Q: Can I have a custom water tank or holding made?

A: Trionic Corp can create custom tanks, but we require a minimum tank order quantity of 25 tanks at an agreed-upon price to justify the tooling expense.

Q: Can I install metal fittings on my tank?

A: No, metal fittings are not compatible with the polyethylene tank. Use of metal fittings voids any Trionic Corp warranty.

Q: Can fittings be installed on the very bottom of the tanks?

A: We do not recommend this approach.

Q: Can I flip a tank on its side for installation?

A: The bottom of the tank needs to be fully supported. The orientation may depend on the size and dimensions of the tank in question.

Q: What do I do if my holding tank smells bad?

A: If your holding tank vent filter is more than 6 months old, replace that. Also wrap a warm wet rag around hoses and leave for 5 minutes. If the rag smells afterward, your hoses are permeated and it’s time to replace the hoses. If the hoses are not permeated, it may be time to replace the tank.

Q: What do I do if the water in my freshwater tank smells bad?

A: Fully drain the water in the tank. Then connect a source of fresh water and flush the tank through one or two times. If the smell persists, add a water tank & system flush product per the product directions to flush the system. To avoid future occurrences, fully drain the freshwater tank between boating seasons.

Q: What size replacement vent filter should I buy?

A: Measure the thread diameter of the hose and order the vent filter cartridge with the proper fitting size.

Q: My shower sump tank stopped working, any suggestions?

A: First clean the switch. Also check for loose wiring connections and availability of power. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, it’s possible the switch, pump or both may need to be replaced.

Q: How thick are the walls of your tanks?

A: Our tanks have an average wall thickness of 3/8” and can be thicker at the corners, providing additional strength and durability.

General Product Information:

Q: Where are your dock boxes & water/holding tanks manufactured?

A: Wisconsin – With very few exceptions, all of the products offered by Trionic Corp are made in the USA.

Q: Does Trionic Corp offer a Warranty?

A: Trionic Corporation ("Trionic"), warrants its products to be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year after the date of purchase. Trionic will replace product free of charge or at its option repair free of charge product returned to Trionic, transportation prepaid, which upon Trionic’s inspection is determined to be defective. Warranty is void if product has been altered, abused, neglected, improperly installed or damaged in transit. Trionic makes no warranty other than stated above. All other warranties expressed or implied including any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are hereby excluded to the extent exclusion is permitted by law, and any such warranties not so excluded are hereby limited in duration to the warranty period expressed above. Liability for any incidental or consequential damages under any and all warranties is hereby expressly excluded. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, or limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Q: What else do you sell?

A: In addition to Dock Box and Water/Holding Tanks, we offer Shower Sump Tanks, Dock Boarding Steps, Trash/Recycling Bins, Dock Carts, Spill Kits, Holding Tank Vent Filters, a full line of Regulatory Buoys, Mooring Buoys, Channel Markers, and Solar Marine Lights.

If you don’t see an answer to your question, please call us at (262) 268-9240 and allow us to quickly provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Customer service is our top priority.

Trionic Corp Products

Trionic Corp manufactures a wide range of marine and RV products. For marinas and docks, dock boxes, dock carts, dock boarding steps, trash cans, buoys, channel markers, and barriers floats are offered. Trionic also offers spill kits, spill containment boom, sorbents, and solar lighting. or boats and RVs, Trionic Corp has over 70 different sized water tanks and holding tanks, shower sump tanks, premium holding tanks, tank hose fittings, tank level monitors, vent filters, and tank pump out tubes. Trionic Corp's quality and service set us apart from the competition. Our products are built for Marina Life!

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