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Dock Carts

Dock Carts

Trionic Corp is a leading supplier of dock carts to marinas across the country.  Dock carts are built to endure the punishment expected by heavy use and extreme weather conditions.  They are incredibly handy for boaters, easing the burden of transporting gear, coolers, ice, and groceries between vehicles or homes and boats.  Maintaining dock carts in good working order is important for customer satisfaction of marina slip renters and owners.  Due to their mobile nature, they also tend to disappear over the course of a boating season due to theft, weather, or falling off the docks. 

High-Quality Construction

Constructed of Marine Grade components, these dock carts are built to last.  These dock carts are designed specifically for the harsh environments found at marinas.  They are fabricated to carry loads up to 300 pounds and should a component fail, replacement parts are available. 

Attractive, Functional, Durable Dock Carts

The design of these dock carts has become the standard in the marina industry.  The flat bed of the tub allows for easy loading of larger items like coolers or luggage.  The large 20-inch wheels easily travel over rough terrain or uneven dock boards.  The balance makes hauling heavy loads easy, while the materials used last for years. 

Perfect Size

Despite the capacity to haul heavy and bulk loads, these dock carts offer a width that allows them to pass through standard doorways.  With the 300-pound load capacity and volume of 50 gallons (7 cubic feet), it is simply the right tool for the job on any dock or in any marina. 

The 200-P dock carts are the go-to dock cart, hands down.  Let Trionic Corp provide you with a single cart for your private use or a fleet for your large marina.  Either way, you will get the same level of service and support to satisfy your needs. 

Made in America - Made in the USA.

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Dock Cart - 200-P1
Carry-It Dock Cart - 200-P1 - 20 in Wheels w/ Sealed Ball Bearing Hubs - 300 lb Capacity - 50 Gallon Liquid Capacity - Durable Polytheylene Tub...


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Dock Cart - 200-P2
Carry-It Dock Cart - 200-P2 - 20 in Wheels w/ Solid Wheel Hubs (No Corrosion) - 300 lb Capacity - 50 Gallon Liquid Capacity - Durable Polytheylene Tub...


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Dock Cart Replacement 20" Wheel
Quiet replacement wheel for dock carts - Solid "No-Flat" Polyurethane Tire -  20" Diameter x 2" Width - 5/8" or 3/4" Roller Bearing Hub Length 2.43"...


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Dock Cart Replacement 20" Wheel - No Bearing
Quiet replacement wheel for dock carts - Solid "No-Flat" Polyurethane Tire Solid Hub - No Bearing to Rust or Corrode - Recommended for Saltwater and Sand Environments 20" Diamete...


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