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Boat Tanks

Boat Tanks

Trionic Corp is a leading supplier of roto-molded polyethylene holding tanks and water tanks to leading boat builders, boat service & boat retrofit facilities, and boat owners alike.  These plastic tanks are ideally suited for marina and boat applications due to their rugged durability and long life in harsh conditions.  LLDPE water and holding tanks can be used to store fresh water, and wastewater (grey water and black water).  These water tanks and holding tanks meet FDA and US Coast Guard regulations and requirements.  

All tank models offer 3/8 inch wall thickness with thicker edges, making them impact resistant and long-lasting.  Each tank model is available either with threaded openings to accommodate fittings or as blank tanks with no openings.  Some of the tank designs are shaped to fit well into the bows of boats with V-shaped hulls.  Premium wastewater holding tanks come equipped with top-mounted fittings, vent, vacuum relief valve, and inspection port.  Shower sump tanks are designed to optimize the removal of drain water from boat showers, sinks, and other drains.  Holding tank vent filters play a key role in controlling odors on boats that result from sewage in the holding tanks, and should be replaced annually in colder climates, and semi-annually where boaters operate year-round.  Tank level monitoring equipment allows the level in boat holding tanks to be monitored electronically, allowing boaters to plan needed pump-out service in advance.  

The line of products offered meets a wide range of needs for boat owners, boat service technicians, and boat builders (OEMs).

Made in America - Made in the USA.


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