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13" Diameter Standard Red (Nun) Channel Marker Buoy with External Ballast

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Standard Nun channel marker buoy with external ballast is used to indicate the right (starboard) edge of the channel when traveling upstream or entering a harbor.  The red color, conical top, and even numbers are standard navigation indicators.  Boaters navigate with the red channel markers on the right (starboard side) during return to port (Red-Right-Return).    


Standard Red (Nun) Channel Marker Buoy with External Ballast

3" reflective red band at the top

Can dimensions:  13" diameter x 52" height

Overall Height:  76" including ballast

Draft:  35"

Submerged Buoyancy:  160 lbs.

Regulatory Buoy Constructed to the following specifications:

  • Exterior Shell:  High Impact ABS
  • Will not crack, chip, peel, or rust
  • Excellent nighttime visibility with reflective band
  • Completely urethane foam-filled 
  • Ballast attached by a galvanized steel pipe
  • Self-righting without tackle

Rolyan Buoys B1352N


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