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Food Truck Tanks

Food Truck Tanks

Freshwater tanks and wastewater holding tanks play a key role in building-out efficient and effective food trucks and concession trailers.  Properly planning the plumbing of food trucks can make a world of difference in how well the food truck operates during use and how long the food truck can go between major service events.  Downtime due to repairs or code compliance issues equates to lost revenue, which no operator wants to incur.  

The wide range of water tank and holding tank configurations offered by Trionic Corp make it the go-to resource for many of the top food truck builders in the US.  The durability of these roto-molded polyethylene tanks is second to none, and the availability of options with pre-located fittings or blank tanks that can be configured exactly as needed make plumbing a food truck that much easier.  With plastic tank capacities ranging from 4 to 150 gallons, Trionic has the right tank for your food truck or trailer. 

Beyond the tanks themselves, holding tank vent filters, tank level monitoring systems, and a range of fittings allow the food truck builder or service tech to source the components they need for custom water storage solutions.   

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